Giving you space to remember yourself

Marocsurfcamp Yoga RetreatsLife is a journey. At times we find we don’t know where we’re going or we forget why. Our direction changes with our experience and motivation and we travel through transition after transition: coaxing ourselves to let go of old goals or companions; to stand at the crossroads and choose the next path knowing that we cannot turn back; standing still and starting all over again.


Through the practice of yoga the Retreat will guide you through the process of letting-go: setting down your burdens and giving you space to remember yourself, to reflect and to reconnect. Reconnect with your breath, your inner peace and silence. Slow down, open your heart-space and gather your courage for your adventure.


Marocsurfcamp Yoga RetreatsThe yoga shala has spectacular views across the Ocean from our village rooftop. It is fully equipped so that you are cushioned and supported and tucked in for your evening practise. A wonderful place to salute the Sun, welcome each new dawn and bow to the Sun setting beyond the Atlantic.


Arrange your own Retreat or Teacher Training

If you are a yoga teacher interested in running your retreat or teacher's training here, please send us an inquiry or email us at and we'll send across all information and availability.


The yoga shala is fully equipped to support you and your practice with: mats; bricks; belts; bolsters; eye-pillows, blankets.