Guided tours to the best spots

Surfing MoroccoThe camp experience is about taking you to the right spots. During your stay we will take you on short surf trips to some of the best spots in the Agadir region.


If surfing is a new experience for you, this is the perfect environment to begin. Fresh and engaging, exciting and exhilarating there is no better place than the Ocean to play and laugh at yourself, remember what it’s like to fall over, to not be in control all the time and to get up and try again.


If you have surfed before then you already know how good it is for the soul!


Surfing MoroccoWe have guided tours to the best spots in the area according to every surf levels.


Take a quick look at our spots!


Pointe d'Imesouane

Cathedral side, with very good lefts in high tide and a perfect right in low tide. On the other side of Imesouane you find a magical bay where you can surf 900 m of a perfect wave for right handers . After surf you can enjoy the perfect meal with fresh fish, from the local fishermen.



Beach break with lefts and rights, perfect in high tide and small swell.


La Bouilloire

Nice spot for advanced surfers, with a very strong right.


Killer Point

Nice spot for advanced surfers, with a very strong right, good in mid tide.


La Source

Small reef good for rights and lefts, in high tide, when the swell is smaller than 1,5 m.



Small reef good for rights, in low tide, when the swell is smaller than 1,5 m. In front of the parking/camping La Pointe des Ancres.


La Pointe des Ancres

The best right of Marocco. Good in big swell, is very strong and easy to catch.


Hash Point & Panorama's

Hash Point: Wave for lazy surf smokers! Small sand beach.


Panorama's: Right hand, good in low tide. Very good for beginners.


Banana Beach

Strong right, very good with no current.


Le Rocher du Diable (Devil's Rock)

Good rights on low tide, left and right on high tide. Perfect until 1,5 m.


Surfing Morocco